Word Party

Word Party is a preschool series that was released on Netflix on July 8, 2016. It is animated by using HDPS. The series' main goal is to teach vocabulary. Each episode is 13-minutes long.


Season 1

  1. Meet the Babies
  2. Down on the Farm
  3. To the Moon!
  4. The Slow Racer
  5. Burst My Balloon
  6. The Color Monster
  7. Ouch!
  8. Tickle Time
  9. Tired Lulu
  10. An Egg-Cellent Surprise
  11. No Cupcakes for Lunch
  12. The Lost Apple
  13. A Job for Lulu
  14. Bailey the Helper

Season 2

  1. Bailey's Garden
  2. Come Back Butterfly
  3. Nighttime Is for Sleeping
  4. The Opposite of Fun
  5. Lulu's Special Pillow
  6. Building Blocks
  7. Lights Out
  8. Too Loud
  9. The Taste Test
  10. Kip Comes to His Senses
  11. A Playground Parade
  12. Everybody Is Good at Something



  • Lulu: Dorien Davies / Misty Rosas (US)
    Lucy Beckwith (UK)
  • Bailey: Victor Yerrid / Elizabeth Ann Roberts (US)
    Stephanie Ware (UK)
  • Franny: Donna Kimball / John Cameron (US)
    Ayesha Mendham (UK)
  • Kip: John Tartaglia / Alon Williams (US)
    Faye Hadley (UK)
  • Narrator: Patina Miller (US)
    Faye Hadley (UK)


  • Executive producers: Lisa Henson, Halle Stanford, Alex Rockwell
  • Producer: Thomas Keniston
  • Writers: Alex Rockwell, Sindy McKay, Michael Foulke, Victor Yerrid, Dennis Haley, Marcy Brown,Judy Rothman
  • Song writer: Michael Silversher, Patty Silversher
  • Directors: Bret Nelson, David Skelly, Brian Henson
  • Story editor: Michael Foulke

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