Sid the Science Kid
Sid the Scince Kid Episode-2
"The Rolie Polie"
Season 1
Episode No. 2
Air Date September 2, 2008
Written by Jim Lewis
Directed by Brian Henson
Cycle Tools & Measurement
Topic Observation
Previous Episode The Sticker Chart
Next episode Enough With the Seashells!

"The Rolie Polie" is the second episode of the television series Sid the Science Kid.

Episode description

Sid loves his little rolie polie bugs, but they’re so little, he can’t figure out how they move. At school, he discovers an amazing science tool: the magnifying glass! He and his friends explore their world using the magnifying glass to make things look bigger, like freckles on their skin, little pebbles, and rolie polie legs!


Video releases

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