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The Podcast was an audio podcast that features interviews and short pieces on The Jim Henson Company projects and events. The podcast, hosted by Grant Baciocco, was created and run by the Jim Henson Company. The podcast launched in August of 2006 and had featured several episodes focused on Henson Digital Performance Studio projects and productions.

The final episode of the podcast was released on December 12, 2011.


Sid the Science Kid

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Sid The Science Kid!
March 24, 2008
Your thirst for information about the world around you will be quenched when "Sid The Science Kid" debuts on PBS Kids this fall! In this episode of the Podcast, Executive Producer and Head Writer, Bradley Zweig, answered all of the questions we had about the production. - 12:56 Listen
Sid and the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio
June 30, 2008
In this episode we get the low down on the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, the proprietary puppetry system currently being used on "Sid The Science Kid" that lets our talented performers puppeteer characters in real time! We talk to Drew Massey and Misty Rosas who, together, help bring Sid to life using this amazing technique! - 12:37 Listen
Sid The Science Kid Premieres!
September 2, 2008
In this episode we celebrate the release of the new show "Sid The Science Kid" on PBS Kids! We get thoughts on the debut from Jim Henson Company Vice President of Marketing and Publicity, Nicole Goldman, head of Digital Production for Jim Henson's Creature Shop, Kerry Shea, KCET's Senior Vice President of New Media Jackie Kain and "Sid The Science Kid" co-executive producer and head writer Bradley Zweig. - 22:26 Listen
Sid's Dog Philbert
February 10, 2009
In this episode we answer a question from our mailbag as we take a look at how Sid the Science Kid's dog Philbert was brought to life using a puppeteer, a very talented dog actor and the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio. For all the details we talk to Jim Henson Creature Shop's Head of Digital Production Kerry Shea, Motion Capture producer of Motion Analysis Studios Bo Wright and pupeteer Bruce Lanoil. - 18:22 Listen
Sid The Science Kid News!
May 5, 2009
In this episode we have your one stop shop for the latest news in the world of "Sid The Science Kid". We talk to Allyson Smith, The Jim Henson Company's Vice President of New Media, about the free Sid Mother's Day ringtone that is available as well as the new soundtrack available exclusively at Then we speak with The Jim Henson Company's Vice President of Marketing and Publicity, Nicole Goldman about the new episodes of "Sid The Science Kid" that will be airing on PBS Kids! - 9:12 Listen


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Frances: Interview with Alex Rockwell
August 20, 2008
In this episode we feature a special extended interview with Alex Rockwell, the producer and co-writer of the new show "Frances". We talk to Alex about "Frances" and her long career with The Jim Henson Company that started with a job as Jim Henson's Creative Assistant. - 26:22 Listen

The Skrumps

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The Skrumps
January 10, 2007
A behind the scenes look at the latest addition to The Jim Henson Company family, "The Skrumps!" In this episode, we talk with "Skrumps" creator John Chandler, the head of Children's Programming Halle Stanford and Skrumps puppeteer Victor Yerrid! - 10:58 Listen
The Skrumps At Comic Con 2007!
August 13, 2007
Live audio from the Jim Henson Company's Panel at Comic Con International. Featuring Halle Stanford, Lisa Henson, John Chandler, Craig Bartlett, Brian Henson and special guest Raisins Skrump discussing the new Henson project: "The Skrumps!" - 16:36 Listen

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