Puppeteer  Allan Trautman
Body performer  Arturo Gil
Featured in  "The Skrumps"
Gender  Male
Species  Skrump
Occupation  Drummer

Skrumpy is a small red Skrump and the drummer of the band Grumblebelly in The Skrumps.

Skrumpy is Wishbone’s roommate and spends life under the wing of his charismatic buddy. Always feisty and ready for action, Skrumpy accompanies Wishbone on his many adventures in life. He is a hard core rocker who drums in Wishbone’s band and accepts no creative compromise. He is very loyal to Wishbone and willing to face any adversity that may come their way.

Skrumpy talks in meeps and beeps which are often translated by Wishbone. He enjoys growing hot peppers, which he love to eat, and has even won competitions for his horticultural skills.

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