Sid the Science Kid - iTunes

The iTunes Store is an online business run by Apple Inc. that sells media files that are accessed through its iTunes application. The store sells music, music videos, television shows, movies, and video games. Starting in August 2009, full episodes of Sid the Science Kid became available for purchase and downloading via the iTunes Store.

Sid the Science Kid, Vol. 1

Episode Length Release Date
1 The Sticker Chart 25:58 8/3/2009
2 The Rolie Polie 25:58 8/3/2009
3 Enough With the Seashells! 25:58 8/3/2009
4 The Whale Episode 25:58 8/3/2009
5 Super Science Tools 25:58 8/3/2009
6 My Mushy Banana 25:58 8/3/2009
7 My Shrinking Shoes 25:58 8/3/2009
8 My Ice Pops! 25:58 8/3/2009
9 The Perfect Pancake! 25:58 8/3/2009
10 No More Changes! 25:58 8/3/2009

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