Puppeteer  Julianne Buescher
Body performer  Michelan Sisti
Featured in  "The Skrumps"
Gender  Feale
Species  Skrump

Raisins is a teal Skrump and one of the female leads in The Skrumps.

Raisins is an awkwardly shy Skrump who lets loose a Heavy Metal singing voice only when completely alone in the closet. She is smart, sensible and very helpful. Raisins has a huge crush on Wishbone and always wants to tag along on his many adventures. She always seems to manage to anger Skrumpy enough to have him leave in a huff so she can be alone with her one true love. Her talents tend to go utterly unrecognized by the ego of Wishbone, but deep down inside, Wishbone knows that he would be lost without her.

She loves cooking and eating organic food, as she believes her body is her non-denominational temple. She is currently into Buddhism, photography and inventing stuff. Raisins is very mechanical and enjoys fixing things (including cars and computers); but she also has an artistic side and spends time writing poetry and deep, meaningful lyrics she will use to one day sing with the band.

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