PUPPETEER Robert Tygner
VOICE Eddie Izzard
FEATURED IN Five Children and It
DESIGNER(S) Jamie Courtier, Sharon Smith
SPECIES Psammead
AGE 8,311 years

It is an irascible sandfairy, or Psammead, and the title character in the Jim Henson Company film Five Children and It. His scientific name is Psammead Crustacea Anostrraca Decapodlium Anthropodolous Wishasarus, and he is approximately 8,311 years old. The ill-tempered and cynical fairy lives inside a shell on the beach, and is discovered by the five children. He grants each of their wishes, but with the proviso that they will always go wrong, or vanish at sunset. It also frequently surfaces briefly, in a cloud, painting, or mug, to observe the results of the wish

Jim Henson's Creature Shop created a hybrid of animatronic puppets and computer generated digital-puppets to bring the magical sandfairy to life. Resembling a combination of an animal and an alien, the character was able to interact with its human counterparts in the film through the use of HDPS.