Puppeteer  Paul Rugg
Body performer  Misty Rosas
Featured in  "Wilson & Ditch: Digging America"
Gender  Male
Species  Gopher
Family  Wilson (brother)
Uncle Kerblintz
Aunt Kishka

Ditch co-stars in the webseries Wilson & Ditch: Digging America with his older brother Wilson. He's sillier than his brother, likes adventures and doesn't really plan ahead. Ditch makes up on-the-spot crazy songs, doesn't have many fears, and quickly listens to Wilson's facts or instructions before he just goes and does whatever he really wants to do. He loves traveling around, being cool, and taking advantage of all the fun and odd places he and Wilson visit. Ditch loves to eat food, any kind of food, so he's always looking forward to a new place and what the local restaurants are serving! Ditch loves his brother Wilson and respects his knowledge, but also likes to annoy him, play tricks on him, or sing when Wilson is trying to teach some new information. Ditch loves talking about wacky relatives – especially Uncle Kerblintz ("who's a tall, ugly giant") and his gopher Aunt Kishka who rides a goat while singing opera. Ditch can get obsessed with certain things – a kind of food he wants to eat, someone's fun job, or how a picture reminds him of a funny-looking relative from home. Ditch draws a comic strip of every new place he and Wilson visit.

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