Bradley Zweig is a veteran writer of children's programming who has written for Nickelodeon, Imagine Entertainment, National Geographic and The Disney Channel. Zweig served a writer, showrunner and producer on the Henson Digital Performance Studio television series Sid the Science Kid.

Zweig's other writing credits include the Cartoon Network series Krypto; Disney Channel's Brandy and Mr. Whiskers; Warner Brothers' Tom and Jerry Tales; and The Jim Henson Company's Animal Jam. Zweig has also worked on numerous children's stage productions, including Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus; The Animal Dating Game, a comedy theatrical game show for the Los Angeles Zoo; The Touch Tales Theater Company at the Please Touch Museum for Kids; and the Tree House Theater at the Philadelphia Zoo. He also wrote and directed seven original theater productions for the Smithsonian Institution's Discovery Theater.

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